Други книги и връзка (Синята икономика)

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Това е списък на другите книги на г-н Гюнтер Паули от Синята икономика:

  • Breakthroughs, Hanslemere, UK: Epsilon Press, 1995
  • Crusader for the Future: A Portrait of Aurelio Peccei, Founder of the Club of Rome, Oxfordshire, UK: Pergamon Press, 1987
  • Out of the Box: Zeri Management Stories, Cape Town, South Africa: Future Managers, 2007
  • Upsizing: The Road to Zero Emissions, More Jobs, More Income and No Pollution, Sheffield, UK: Greenleaf Publishing, 2000

Басни за деца, Gland, Switzerland: ZERI, 2006, издадени на английски и испански:

  • Animal Medicine (Medicina Animal)
  • Can Apples Fly? (Manzanas Voladoras?)
  • Cold Feet (Pies Frios)
  • Don’t Eat Me Alive! (No Me Comas Vivo!)
  • Forest Drinking Water (Aqua Potable del Bosque)
  • Grow a House( Cultiva una Casa)
  • How to Take it Apart (Como des Baratarlo)
  • Oranges from Soap (Jabon de Naranjas)
  • Red Rice (Arroces Rojos)
  • Shiitake Love Caffeine( Los Shiitake Aman la Caffeine)
  • The Ant Farmer (La Hormiga Agricoltura)
  • The Bear and the Fox (El Oso y el Zorro)
  • The Five Kingdoms of Nature (Los 5 Reinos De La Naturaleza)
  • The King of Hearts (El Ray del Corazones)
  • The Magic Hat (Sombrero Majico.)
  • The Smart Mushroom (El Hondo Sabiondo)
  • The Strongest Tree (Arbol Mas Fuerte)
  • The Zebra Aircon (Ventilador de las Cebras)
  • Tree Candy( Dulce del Arbol)
  • Walking on Water (Caminando Sobre El Agua)
  • Where is Home? (Donde Esta Mi Casa?)
  • Who is the Most Beautiful? (Qien es el mas Bello)
  • Why Can’t I Steal Less? (Por Que no Puedo Robar Menos?)
  • Why Don’t They Like Me? (Porque no me Qiere)?

Данни за връзка:

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